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5 Reasons why Free Speaking is a Good Idea

Bev Hepting – The Message Maestro

1. Giving a free speech is an excellent networking opportunity. Ideally, you will be able to interact with your audience at the end of your presentation and talk with both decision makers and meeting planners. The potential long-term benefits of such networking could be well worth having spoken for free. This is your chance to ask for referrals, recommendations, and letters of reference.
2. After your free speaking event you should write a press release giving details about yourself and your topics of expertise. Though the press release will centre on the speaking event itself, it can be used as a powerful marketing tool. You can send it to your local newspaper as well as online at
This is a great open door for actively promoting your business.
3. A free speaking opportunity gives you the chance to have a live video of yourself created. Most speakers bureaus and meeting planners will not represent or hire you without first seeing a video of your live presentation. Purchasing a professional quality recording device is cheaper than ever nowadays, and many speakers opt for a simple flip camera with a small tripod. Record your presentation and put it on in ten minute segments. Be assured that posting a video of your live presentation on video sharing sites will increase your expert credibility significantly.
4. A free presentation can quickly lead to a paid one. If you speak to a club, an association or an organisation, many of the audience members could be business owners themselves. It only takes the right person to see you speak for free, to one day hire you to speak at their own event. You never know when decision makers who could pay you to speak to their people are in the audience.
5. If you have already developed a product line or written a book, you can speak for free and sell your products at the back of the room. The latest statistics show that back of the room product sales now account for over 50% of professional speaking profits. You could easily speak for free and make a healthy return just by selling your products, books, or other off-stage services. The more free engagements you give, the more chances you’ll have to make sales of this nature and set yourself up for eventual paid events, with your ever-expanding network of contacts.

As you can see, there are obviously many potential positive outcomes and immediate benefits to giving free speaking engagements. This truly is your chance to get attention fast, build a reputation, and create a foundation for future success.

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