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5 reasons why we love Spring

This weekend, the sun was shining for a change and I actually noticed all of the spring flowers in my garden. It may be a little early to say Spring has arrived, but it got me thinking of why I actually felt much more cheerful and why spring is good for our health.

Here are 5 reasons why Spring is such a popular season.

  1. Spring marks the end of winter and for many of us, drier and more temperate days are promised. Certainly this winter has felt like the wettest and most dull one for some time.
  2. The spring flowers arrive. From my window I can see snow drops, crocus and daffodils as well as some budding leaves on trees. There have been a number of studies that determined that just looking at flowers can make you happy and receiving flowers results in an elevated mood for days afterwards.
  3. Exercise is easier outside. More scientific studies suggest that whilst exercise in doors or outdoors is good for us, there are additional benefits of being outside, including more energy and less tension.
  4. Bird song reaches a peak during spring and on my bird feeder, there is already lots of activity from our local birds, such as long tailed tits, great tits, collared doves and thrushes. They are already singing away to mark out their territories and as migrant birds return, these songs grow in volume and difference. It will be a while until the dawn chorus is in full swing, but there is no better alarm clock… if you are an early riser!
  5. It starts to get easier to find local fresh produce. With so many concerns about the carbon footprint of the food we eat, we can begin to celebrate the riches of local fruit and vegetables, as well as supporting independent producers.

So I set off today to take a walk in the countryside spending some time taking in all the sights, sounds and smells as nature springs back to life after its winter slow down.

If you should happen to go into the woods too, then swathes of white snowdrops, blazes of bluebells or even pockets of wild garlic could be waiting to delight you and raise your spirts.