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ACCOUNTANT Benefit or Cost? Advisor or Overhead

Is your accountant your business partner or an overhead cost you need to minimise?

Is your accountant your business partner or an overhead cost you need to minimize?

Increasingly the introduction of cloud based software packages have made the bookkeeping element of accounting available to everyone and have helped to reduce the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The online HMRC support and ability to open a personal tax account with HMRC have meant that filing your own tax return can be a simple process.

Have you heard any of these?:
I don’t need an accountant I can do it myself
I know what I can and cannot claim
I never hear from my accountant and I pay them a fortune

Imagine a world where:
The numbers were up to date and accurate
You could work out whether to buy that new computer this month or next
You knew you needed bigger premises and the figures supported that
Capacity requirements over the next 4 months meant recruit now?

Image result for imagine utopia cartoon

What would happen if your accountant could work with you and help you see the story behind the numbers

This is what you could wish for:
That is where accountancy should be headed!
Monthly meetings and regular updates as to what is actually happening in the business!
See what your accountant can do for you when you let them help!

Liz McCormick
McCormick Accounting Limited
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