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Irena Daniels

Skin ID Clinic

Skin:ID is a private aesthetic clinic helping clients to feel more confident and radiant with the use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Skin:ID was established by me, Dr Irena Daniels.

I am a fully insured and licensed practitioner, with 20 years of GP and dermatology experience. Having studied Medicine at Gdansk University in Poland, I then moved and settled in the UK where I completed my post-graduate degree specialising in general practice. During this time, I spent around 15 years as a local GP. This is where my passion for problem skin emerged.

I undertook my diploma in Clinical Dermatology at St Mary’s University in London, where I spent 1000s of hours learning and developing practical clinical skills. At the same time, I developed my practical skills in aesthetic medicine. From this time, I started to work privately in aesthetics and dermatology. In 2013, I opened my private practice, Skin:ID.