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Clarisa Ayllon

Clarisa Ayllon is a health and wellness personality and business, which seeks to inspire people to make better health decisions in their day-to-day life. Better choices about food, exercise, sleep, stress management and reducing toxicants.

The business focuses on individuals who prefer prevention to correction, who need to become the CEO of their own and family’s health. The business aims to help client to improve their back or spinal conditions, with food intolerance or allergies, which feel the need to stay more connected with themselves physically and emotional. The Clarisa Ayllon business focuses also on natural solutions. From choosing what to eat, how to supplement the food one eats from deprived soils, how to balance the exercise throughout the week, how to take advantage from mindfulness exercises to recharge body and mind, to prevent colds, flu, headaches, stress, allergies, skin conditions, anxiety, and live a healthy and happy life. The business is about educating others to live a healthy and happy life. Clarisa Ayllon empowers clients to become their own CEOs of their health in the best holistic way possible, to help people think about themselves.

Clarisa also owns a Swing Yoga studio which offers Swing Yoga classes and regular yoga classes.

“When my youngest daughter started gained frequent respiration conditions the answer was to pile up her with medication, which was unable to prevent future episodes, I decided to start a new journey of natural remedies to foster prevention and reduce future health concerns. My true passion is to help people to find a more natural way to take care of them. I think we can live longer now however we need to boost our brains to evolve with us. My drive is to educate people to live a more happy and energised life”

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