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Coaching with Gill

  • Are you a running your own business and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Have you taken on a new role and need support to be the very best you can be?
  • Would greater focus help you achieve more?
  • Are you struggling to set goals and wondering where to start? 
  • Does your confidence in your own abilities hold you back?

Gill specialises in working with female leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to move themselves and their businesses forward and who would benefit from support, motivation and accountability.

We offers various packages, usually in blocks of 6, as this offers the greatest opportunity to effect lasting change. We have the support of a bursary fund to assist funding for new start ups.

An initial 20 – 30 minute session is free with no obligation and ensures a good fit between Gill and the client.

One – off session

90 – 120 minutes for maximum impact, either via Skype or face to face in Dorchester, Dorset – £150

 Silver Package

Six, 90 minute sessions either via Skype or face to face in Dorchester, Dorset – £600

Gold package

Six sessions lasting between 2 and 2 and a half hours, can be at client’s premises if within 35 miles of DT2. Includes weekly 10 – 15 minute accountability telephone or Skype call. – £999

20% discount for new start ups or Successful Women in Business members with payment in instalments.

Read the latest testimonials from clients.

LN – Gold package client

“I have worked with coaches both professionally and personally in the past so having run my own business for just over a year I thought it would be beneficial to book a block of coaching sessions. By chance I met Gill at a networking event and I got the feeling that we would work well together; how right I was. Gill is the most wonderful addition to my business. As a coach she strikes that perfect balance between being an avid supporter of all that you do while  interrogating and challenging your thoughts. She makes your question and evaluate the influencing factors and has an ability to get to the bottom of the issue, knowing when to pull in elements of your personal life that may well be having an impact on your work life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Gill and have seen the benefits that our sessions have brought to me and my business. She has helped me find clarity, recognise achievements and set future objectives. Having reached the end of our time working together I realised that I didn’t want to lose this support and as such have agreed on a biannual catch up which will enable me to review my business with a trusted advisor who knows me and understands me. Running a business is a whirlwind adventure and knowing that I have the support of Gill makes that adventure all the more enjoyable.”

EF – Silver package client

“Gill has quite simply changed my life. She has assisted me with personal business coaching which I have found incredibly valuable. Being a fresh female-fronted start-up, she told me I was her ideal client but this has been made clear to me by the fact she knows EXACTLY how to address my concerns, worries and self-doubting. 
Gill’s manner is incredibly calm but also firm and assured as she influences by asking all the right investigative questions to ensure she advises the most effective solutions and methods for me to practice. 
Her enormous experience in turning the way our minds work around to reach a more sensible thought pattern has brought me hope, motivation and confidence. I recommend her wholeheartedly and I am sure I will continue to be a client over many years!”


Coaching and mentoring are processes that enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential.

Coaching and mentoring share many similarities so it makes sense to outline the common things coaches and mentors do whether the services are offered in a paid or unpaid way.

  • Explore needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist in making real, lasting change.
  • Use questioning techniques to facilitate client’s own thought processes in order to identify appropriate solutions. 
  • Support the client in setting relevant goals and ensure assessment of progress in relation to these goals
  • Observe, listen and ask questions to understand the client’s situation
  • Creatively apply tools and techniques which may include one-to-one training, facilitating  & networking.
  • Encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting growth & change.
  • Maintain a supportive and non-judgemental approach with the client, their views, lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Manage the relationship to ensure the client receives the appropriate level of service and that programmes are neither too short, nor too long

As with all forms of coaching, relationships are clearly important. We therefore offer a free initial 20 – 30 minute session face to face or via Skype to enable you to get to know Gill. There is no obligation, if it doesn’t feel right after that session you can simply walk away.

Contact Gill by email