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Dynamic Ageing – What IS it?

Guest Blog from Isabel Hood

What does the expression actually mean? Well, perhaps the best place to start is to explain what it is NOT! Because while I firmly believe – and in fact have learned from experience – that many aspects of ageing are negotiable, there are others which are a given and however hard we try, however much effort we put into it, however much money we spend on it, we simply cannot hold back time and cheat the final outcome. So when I talk about Dynamic Ageing, what do I NOT mean?

Let’s look at what DYNAMIC AGEING is NOT:-

1. The mythical Fountain of Youth – the fountain has been the objective of many searches and adventures along the centuries, but it has remained elusive and, if anything, has slipped further from anybody’s grasp with the advent of industrialisation, food processing and 21st century eating habits – disappointing though it is, there is no fountain in which we can bathe and wash away all the ravages of time!

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