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How to market your business when you’re not doing business

Octima’s Sarah Phillips – The Motivational Marketer will be offering her advice for marketing during these challenging times.

For those who are currently unable to trade or carry out their regular activities it is particularly tough right now. There is so much we can’t control, but we can control how we respond to our situation by making the most of any quiet spell.

We’re all being told to work ‘on’ our business – but how can you be sure you’re using your time productively? Even if you’re not currently selling, spending a little time on your marketing processes will ensure you and your business are in the best possible position when we emerge on the other side.

Sarah will provide some practical advice that you can start acting on straight away, even if you have little on no marketing budget.

Free to members, just £15 for visitors.

Join us at 1.55pm for prompt start at 2pm on Thursday 4th June 2020.