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Getting Better at Selling:Secrets of Successful Sales

This week’s Power Hour is presented by The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, Alison Edgar.
Alison will delve into the psychology behind selling, to help you understand how you can interact with your customers better, form better relationship and ultimately make more sales. She will also be letting you in on some of her top secrets from the sales process to help you maximise selling opportunities and ultimately make more money in a time where we assume people aren’t parting with their cash.

What will we cover?

  • Fixed and Growth Mindset
  • DISC behaviour types to enforce good relationships and create sales in a crisis
  • Understanding Alison’s BINGO strategy and how this can be used to create opportunities with your current clients
  • Alison’s top tips to implement within your business to get you selling immediately

Join us for just £15 as a visitor – free to SWIB Tribe members.