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Taunton Breakfast

Sue Wellman of Motivate Cards.

Mental health and wellbeing are hot topics in todays workplace and wellbeing and motivation are intrinsically linked.

Sue Wellman, co founder of The Motivate Cards App, will be sharing insights about mental wellbeing and employee engagement, and introduce you to an interactive, fun and powerful self-awareness tool that helps us get clarity and focus around what is motivating and demotivating us in our Relationships, Environment, Activities and Life.

The session will be interactive and focus on you personally and workplace insights.

Our regular monthly meetings offer you the opportunity for personal growth through structured development sessions as well as being able to network with other businesswomen to build successful personal and business relationships.

Visit any of our meetings as a guest and experience the supportive and business focussed environment. Attending any sort of event can be daunting, but we guarantee you a warm welcome as well as an opportunity to increase your business skills and develop your personal qualities.

All this for just £23 as a non-member, including any training materials and of course the healthy Mount Somerset breakfast!