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How to cope with anxious thoughts about Covid-19

Guest blog from #swibtribe member Paola Royal

Did you know that every week throughout lockdown, two women die as a result of domestic abuse?

We hear about all the people dying from Covid-19, but little is said about people dying due to other causes, many of which have worsened since lockdown such as domestic abuse and suicide. It’s estimated that of the 44,000 people who have died as a direct result of Covid-19, 11,000 have died due to indirect effects of the lockdown.

These are very unusual times. Many people have lost loved ones, parents have not been allowed to visit their kids in hospital, and older people have been left alone without any physical contact for weeks. Lots of people are anxious about their work and livelihoods. Unemployment is rising to numbers never seen before, both in the UK and around the world. Life is very different from before the pandemic. It will be a long time until we can leave the house to meet our friends and have fun without the worry of coronavirus.

Are you experiencing anxious thoughts about Covid-19?

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