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Aline Foster

Optimal Coaching Ltd

Optimal Coaching Ltd

Hi my name is Aline Foster and I am a Personal and Professional development coach.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked for over 20 years in various senior management roles in aviation.  I really enjoyed my time there but realised latterly that it was the ‘people development’ aspects of my role that I now enjoyed far more than the operational or technical side.

I completed the Flybe leadership programme and began to notice how we can hold ourselves back, not just in our work but in all aspects of our lives. I noticed colleagues, particularly women, settling for what they had instead of what they wanted or what they could be.  I wanted to help.

At the ripe old age of 47, I completed a Bachelors degree in Leadership and Business Practice at Exeter University, took voluntary redundancy, retrained as a coach and set up my own coaching business.

I now work with corporate executives, SME’s, individuals in their first leadership role and people who are working on their own, in their own business.  I coach leadership skills, such as delegation, time management, delivering feedback, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, communication, managing change etc.

While I believe that men and women face similar challenges at work, I believe that there are some challenges that are specific to women.  It is often not the lack of skill or will that hold us back but the lack of confidence and self belief. E.g we might know how to delegate, but “will I sound bossy?”  “What if they don’t want to do it?”  I coach individuals who are experiencing this and I have written 2 workshops specifically for those dealing with confidence issues both in the workplace and outside the workplace. (please see below)

What I do.

Executive Coaching – Many senior executives work with a coach to help explore new ideas and to gain perspective on situations which may be difficult to share within the management team. I will help you identify your priorities and act as a confidential sounding board for your thoughts.

Guided Coaching – Clients will usually come to coaching with their own goals.  In a work environment an employer may have already identified and agreed specific areas for development with the employee. Guided coaching is when these development areas are used to form the framework for the employee’s coaching sessions. For example, an employee preparing for a new leadership role may wish to develop skills such as giving constructive feedback, delegation and managing professional relationships.

Personal Professional Development – If you are self employed, or lead a small business it can feel like you are constantly juggling lots of different jobs.  You may end up working on everything from sales to accounting.  This can be a very lonely role and this can lead to overwhelm and stress and your valuable time is wasted wondering what to do first.  A coach can help maintain focus, direction and support.

‘In house coach’ – You may benefit from the support of having a coach on site on specified days each month. This enables several team members to be coached on the same day.  This is a cost effective way to maximise the potential of the team, particularly during times of organisational change.

Profiling– I am an accredited DISC and i3 profiler.  Your profile will give you great insight into how you, your colleagues and your team communicate and work together.  These are completed online and your profile will be explained in a coaching session which will be delivered personally.  This is a great way to raise awareness of your personal communication style and your key strengths.


A lack of confidence can hold you back. It can stop you from applying for promotion, leading a team or building your business. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join me on a confidence workshop to learn more about confidence and to find out how to overcome your fears.

Discovering Confidence is a one day workshop dealing with confidence in general although you will have the opportunity to work specifically on your area of confidence.

For those who have specific confidence issues around work related situations, giving feedback, dealing with challenging employees, speaking up in meetings etc.  I recommend that this is followed by attending our Working With Confidence Workshop.

Please contact me to find out more about our next workshop.  All workshops include refreshments and a very warm welcome!