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Karen Jamieson

Oyster Coaching & Consultancy

I am a coach and trainer whose first career was in Human Resources and with more than 35 years’ experience I have seen first-hand all aspects of people interactions. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and also The Association for Coaching.

I have been coaching since 2006 and am qualified to Masters Level (level7) and about to start my level 7 in Coaching Supervision.

I was recently asked how I would describe myself and what others might say about me. After some reflection my response was “I am creative, innovative, facilitative, spiritual, holistic, empathetic, focussed, see things from different perspectives, curious, gifted with insight and last but not least, I have a sense of humour”.

Setting up Oyster Coaching and Consultancy has been a fabulous journey that has enabled me to do what gives me joy, taken me out of my comfort zone and has been a great learning journey, not least because I have mastered social media!

If I had to give a potted version of what I do it would be:

·      Executive coaching

·      Courses that support Women’s development

·      Empowerment and staff engagement

·      Equality and Diversity and why it matters

·      Building respectful Assertiveness and Resilience

·      Webinars and courses on areas such as The Imposter Syndrome

·      Stress Management and Personal Resilience

·      Coach Development using The Coaching Dilemma Cards©

I am currently working on a workshop for women with two colleagues looking at areas that will include well-being and resilience.

I am a fledgling speaker and am part of Bev Hepting’s Active Speakers Club. I am also about to start a foray into the techie world of Vlogging and podcasting and am working on setting up a subscription hub with the focus on Personal Development.

You can connect with me through the Oyster Coaching and Consultancy pages of Facebook, LinkedIn and my website www.oystercoachingandconsultancy.co.uk