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Liza Oxford

Earth Companion

Earth Companion

Hi, my name is Liza and I am an Earth Companion.  Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

Who am I?

As an Earth Companion my passion is centred around sustainability.  I am passionate about doing everything I can to improve the health of our beautiful planet for us and our future generations. 

Worldwide governments and organisations are committing to a target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. However, many of us think this target isn’t ambitious enough. Research suggests that we only have until 2032 before we reach a 1.5% increase in global warming. The impact of global warming on the natural world and society will be catastrophic; many parts of the world will start to become uninhabitable, animals will die, sea level will rise and much more… I don’t want to dwell on the negatives, especially as there are so many. 

I want to talk about what we can do as individuals and organisations.  And this is where I come into the equation.  I am a sustainable living consultant, coach and trainer.  I believe we can all make a difference by changing some of our old ways and embedding new more environmentally friendly habits.

What do we do?

We offer:

One to one consultancy:  I take a look at your current lifestyle and show you where you could start to make small changes. This could be in your home or your work environment. I’ll help you look at everything from your personal care and cleaning products to the food you buy to your energy and water use. I’ll help you design a simple action plan and tracker to help monitor your progress.

One to one coaching: I won’t leave you on your own.  You will have the choice to continue your habit changing journey with me as your coach.  It isn’t always easy, and I certainly wouldn’t expect people to make huge changes all at once. I would take a flexible approach which could look something like; chatting once a month for six months over Skype or Zoom call with one face to face meeting over a Fairtrade coffee.

Group workshops:  How about getting together with a group of friends or colleagues over a Fairtrade coffee and a sustainable lunch. I offer half day and one day workshops for group sizes of 10 and smaller.  These workshops offer you the chance to collectively make pledges to change old habits and hold each other accountable as sustainability partners.  You will come away with a simple action plan and tracker.

My background

I’ve been part of the professional development world as a business and transferable skills coach and trainer for many years.  I started my own company way back in 2011 and have enjoyed working with a great variety of individuals and organisations from different sectors including voluntary, social care, education, welfare to work, retail and the civil service.  Supporting people to develop their skills and grow as individuals is one of the passions that gets me up in the morning.

Since 2012, I have worked closely with the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). Firstly, as a training and development consultant and as one of their approved trainers.  I was contracted to deliver phase one of a major project to create a new specialist accreditation for CIEEM and have recently been appointed to deliver the final phase of the project.

Whilst I have been doing my best for a number of years to lighten my own footprint on the earth, last year I decided to expand my own knowledge further and gain some formal qualifications in sustainable development and sustainable living.  This led me to open the new ‘branch’ of my business – Earth Companion. 

If you’d like to get started to see how you could make small changes pop over to www.earthcompanion.com and download our free e-book ‘Avocados vs Cows: Eating Consciously with the Health of the Planet in Mind’.

If you would like more information on my sustainability consultancy, coaching or workshops please drop me a line at hello@earthcompanion.com