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Supporting your body’s ability to heal itself

By Paola Royal from Healthy Living With Paola Royal. Member of SWIB Exeter

If I were to ask you to imagine a piece of music which represents the feeling of worry, how would it sound?

What about a piece of music which represents a sense of peace and happiness? How would that sound?

I bet you imagined two very different melodies. That’s exactly what happens in our bodies on a cellular level when we have thoughts of worry or of peace and happiness.

When we are in a state of peace and happiness, our body can work in harmony, our breathing slows down and healing can begin.

That doesn’t mean we always have to feel happy or positive. Even if it were possible, it would take excessive effort and create a lot of unnecessary thinking.

It’s helpful to understand that in each moment, feelings we experience come from thought. If we know we don’t have to act on thought, we spend more time in a peaceful and harmonious state.

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