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Instagram Tips from Buffer

8 Fresh Instagram Tips You Might Not Have Tried Before

1. Experiment with the Instagram Stories countdown sticker

When you add the countdown sticker to your Stories, you can set a future date and time, and the sticker will count down for you. We’ve seen some really cool use cases with the countdown timer already. Things like

  • Using it for the countdown to a new product release that’s happening soon
  • Using it for a countdown before a live video
  • Or, using it as a countdown to tease an announcement or piece of content on Instagram

The countdown sticker follows a trend that has really paid off for marketers. Interactive elements in Instagram Stories are highly effective. 60% of businesses on Instagram Stories use an interactive element in their story. This could be stickers, hashtags, @mentions polls – you name it.

So that leads us right into our second fun thing to try on Instagram …

2. Try an Instagram Stories poll sticker on your next ad

The polling sticker was one of the first interactive elements to get added to Instagram’s ad studio. If you’re not familiar with the sticker, it’s a simple two-option poll that shows its results as soon as someone picks one of the options. As of March, you are able to add this sticker to the Stories ads that you create for Instagram.

And the early results have been really positive. In the beta launch for this new ad functionality, some advertisers had as much as 20% lower cost-per-view and up to 40% more app installs.

Further proof that these interactive elements are working!

3. Create a custom, branded AR filter

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