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Judi Runciman, Testimonial

My first recollection of SWIB was 08/03/18 on International Women’s Day at the George Albert Hotel in Dorchester. A collaborative group of 120 women led by Gill, inspirational speakers and a terrific vibe.

I joined the SwibTribe in October 2018. 

I was hooked from meeting one!

The support and confidence you gain from the other women in the tribe is amazing, the whole group is so welcoming and willing to give guidance and encouragement in bucket loads. 

I have used the services of a good number of the ladies in the tribe and have made strong friendships with a lot of them.  I know I can trust them to deliver what they say they will and to have pride in all they do.  I would highly recommend membership of this networking group, I have never come across another one that has the same warmth to it, thanks almost certainly to the leadership of our ‘Queen’ Gill Donnell.

Judi Runciman