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Julie Bramah, House of Colour

My first recollection of SWIB was 08/03/18 on International Women’s Day at the George Albert Hotel in Dorchester. A collaborative group of 120 women led by Gill, inspirational speakers and a terrific vibe.

I joined the Poole SWIB tribe in April which Caroline Swaine leads and was immediately met with a huge welcome, warm smile and a great group of supportive ladies. I’ve attended lots of different SWIB meetings in Dorset and Somerset and although hosted by different people the welcome, SWIB vibe is the same at every session and you get the opportunity to network, market your business as well as receiving personal development sessions at each meeting. I’ve personally worked with a number of individuals on a 1:1 basis in the group to help me with various aspects of my business which has been hugely beneficial over the last few months.

There are also lots of other benefits offered to members – social events; celebrating success via the annual SWIB awards, member discounts from services / products as well as workshops run by members in their sphere of expertise. Fantastic to be part of the SWIB Tribe which I thoroughly recommend you join and be part of.

Julie Bramah – Bournemouth House of Colour