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Mindful Solace

Hi, I’m Ali.

I’m pondering on what to write that defines who I am! My roles are mum, partner, therapist, business owner, Toastmaster, friend. My passions are many and varied! But what is it that defines me? I wonder if you ever reflect on what defines you?

When I work with people, I get them to explore what is most important to them. What their values, passions and hopes are. Having worked in mental health for 30years, I find that basically people want to be happy. But what defines happy? In my business, I help people to discover clarity of thought, find their purpose and explore their own sense of fulfilment – in pursuit of happiness. I teach people to sleep well, how to live with narcissistic partners, manage chronic pain, or overcome specific difficulties.

I’m a happy person, with many interests. I love to travel; I enjoy festivals, Steampunk events, dressing up as a pirate and going to fantasy events. I’m most happy in my hot tub or in nature. That is where I can meditate and feel at peace.

When working, either one to one with clients or running groups, I always empower people to discover their own wellbeing. My business is called Mindful Solace, because so many people are looking for that peace of mind, that calmness of thought and strategies to manage stress, overwhelm or low mood. So many people have experienced trauma, and I offer a specific therapy to overcome traumatic experiences.

I love my work! I find it so rewarding when people claim their life back and feel autonomous. Having trained as an occupational therapist, a cognitive behavioural therapist and a hypnotherapist, as well as being a neurologistic programming (NLP) master practitioner. I use a diversity of skills to best enable people to find their purpose, inner happy and a life full of success.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you – preferably with a gin and tonic x