Allegra Scott

·      Allegra Scott  DipNT mBANT mCNHC

My name is Allegra Scott and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

You probably know what to eat and drink to be healthier. You probably know why you need to do it. I am here to coach you on the how

Over the years, I have supported many clients as they re-discover the abundant health and vitality that they used to enjoy. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself time and time again and, as a naturopath using evidence based research, I will coach you back to wellbeing.

Your needs are totally individual and my approach reflects this. I draw inspiration from the huge improvements that I have seen within my clients; people that are seeking lasting results and find them with my support and guidance.

I know that you are capable of enjoying unlimited energy and a new found zest for life. I offer a complementary 20 minute consultation. Call me today to find out how you can feel your very best: 07493 499667 and visit

 Here are just a few of the areas that I can support you with:

·      Emotional eating: Are emotions dictating your clothes size? I will coach you towards developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

·      Digestive issues: Do you suffer with discomfort, embarrassment and low energy? I will show you simple steps to repair and rebalance your gut.

·      Optimal energy: Do you struggle to get up, feel lethargic and lack enthusiasm? Let me show you what peak energy and performance really feels like ...

·      Hormone balance: Hormones are crucial for optimal health and wellbeing,  I  can  regulate and re-balance your system.

·      Allergy screening: Do certain foods cause you on-going health issues? I will identify and eliminate these irritants while supporting you with well balanced nutrition.

·      DNA testing: Discover the huge health benefits in unlocking your individual DNA code. Begin your individually tailored nutritional & lifestyle plan today…