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Carol McGeary

Carol McGeary Recruitment & Consultancy

Carol McGeary Recruitment & Consultancy

Hi, my name is Carol and recruitment has been my focus and passion for over 20 years.

Even through changes in the job market due to technology growth, various recessions and the continuous rise in employer’s expectations, I have always been able to source and verify the very best candidates for my clients to choose from.

I never forget that I am working with people to achieve their goals and dreams and the work I do with them allows them to pay their bills, take their family on holiday or whatever else they aspire to!

From running large corporate assessment centres to seeking bespoke high-level management roles for niche businesses, I work closely with my clients to find the right person for the job. My hands-on approach allows me to get under the skin of my client’s needs, really understanding what will work for them and finding those candidates with similar aspirations, personalities and values. I find that once I work with clients I end up working on all their roles exclusively because of the trust that is built up – but this is never taken for granted.

I am available for a wide variety of recruitment consultancy, from job specification, to interview techniques and running on-boarding programmes.

Joining SWIB has not only allowed me to grow my network but also to be re-energised with the support offered by all the amazing women I meet and hearing about their journeys they have made.

Please get in touch on 07853 969886 , landline 01805 623444 or email me on