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Caroline Swain

CSC Consultancy

Are you looking to train your sales staff?
Do your sales staff need structured sales training, coaching and mentoring?
Are you struggling to increase your sales?
Do you have enough resources to help you grow?
Do you need Sales Support without the massive overhead cost?
Do you need face to face contact with your audience day to day?
Do you need someone to promote your offering?

I offer Sales Solutions and provide numerous routes to markets for your sales staff, products and services. I am your external Sales & Marketing department that can help you grow who is very driven to Network and Connect, who will open doors and go the extra mile for introductions, connections and collaborations.

I have worked with many B2B and B2C organisations, corporates, SME’s and Start Up’s. I have been their feet on the ground, eyes and ears promoting their business, brand and increasing their profile and sales.

My previous roles as an accomplished Senior Sales Team Manager & Account Director where it was vital to be self-motivated, extremely organised, efficient, reliable, versatile and conscientious gave me the experience to go out on my own.
Being very adaptable, capable of working under pressure independently or as part of a team.
With a determined and enthusiastic drive necessary to achieve a high standard of professionalism, in all aspects of work undertaken, taking a great deal of personal pride in consistent accuracy and time management.
Having a mature and resourceful approach, together with an aptitude for quick thinking and strong planning abilities enables rapid adaptation to varied working environments and situations. Possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a bright sense of humour and a proven ability to succeed in the direction and motivation of teams and oneself in the achievement of common goals.