Debbie Stewart

My name is Deborah Stewart but my friends call me Debbie.  I have been self-employed/ running a business for more than 20 years focusing on the business advice world.  My specialism is the ’not for profit sector’ helping others to set up and run a social enterprise or small ethical business.   I have been doing this under the name The Fruit Tree for Business in a partnership with a lovely lady since 2011.

Never too late for change

However, five years ago when looking for some paraben and SLS free skincare for my more mature skin I discovered a fabulous product range from a company whose values are a perfect fit for my own.  Since discovering Arbonne in 2012 I became an Independent Consultant and distributor offering a range of Vegan, Pure, Safe and Beneficial Skincare, Nutrition and Colour Cosmetics.

I get to help boys and girls and men and women of all ages (babies to baby boomers!) with their skincare challenges enabling them to try, on my recommendation, one of our skincare ranges to see if it will benefit their skin like so many others before them.

Product Trials

I offer samples to those who are seriously interesting in finding new products that might suit them and even run virtual facials on a one-to-one basis (by appointment on Skype or FaceTime) to guide clients on how to apply the products correctly, cutting down waste and obtaining the very best results.  There is no charge for this service.

Product Workshops

I run product workshops in people’s homes which are a lot of fun and very informative.  These workshops include themes such as ’30 days to Healthier Living’ focusing on our nutritional range – great skin starts from the inside!  Another theme that is very popular right now is the ‘Make-up and Mojitos’ workshop – (more common in the evenings for obvious reasons!)

I have also run numerous events where the host receives a facial and full make-up application enabling them to try new colours and looks that match their colouring and lifestyle.  These events allow for a personal service – offering guests the opportunity to try products recommended for their particular needs and all guests go away with a little something to use at home.  This service is also free of charge.

Business Opportunity

Running two businesses has its challenges and many rewards and I am fortunate to have a solid business background to help others who would be interested in becoming a business partner with me in Arbonne.  With a great client base this is my focus in business now, to share the opportunity with others who can earn part time money or full time money according to their needs and maybe find the sense of excitement and belonging that I’ve come to feel since joining this great company.

You can contact me about any of the above services on: Tel: 07811 152544

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