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Emm Power Sales and Marketing Ltd

Specialist Direct Marketing

EmmPower Sales & Marketing Ltd is a unique outsourced Sales and Marketing service provider, specialising in leveraging small and medium sized business growth. Founded in February 2016, EmmPower has seen rapid development and success in its short history. This dynamic start-up was created by entrepreneur Emma Friendship-Kilburn, who have grown year-on-year to keep pace with customer demands.

The EmmPower team consist of dynamic, approachable, friendly and caring individuals, offering authentic and POWERFUL brand enhancement for micro to small and medium sized businesses.

EmmPower operates exactly as an in-house Sales & Marketing Manager would! Offering outsourced, in-house marketing, promotions, creative, digital, customer relationship management and business development services which focus on enabling and empowering growth in owner-operated businesses.

EmmPower work hard to understand your business needs, drivers and aims in order to create a strategy that combines all of your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. This tailored schedule will be the result of extensive research; looking at your market size and growth, identifying your strategic priorities, assessing your competitors, and analysing your customers, past and present. We take the load off your shoulders for developing relationships and generating fresh leads.

A favourite past-time is finding and connecting with suppliers or stockists for your wares and there is no better way than having a joined up strategy with friendly, sales-focused individuals getting on the phone and booking you sales and prospecting appointments – just like a PA! Our team even manage your business development diary.

With experience in everything from innovative technology, software, lifestyle, creative agencies, professional services organisations, HR and learning-orientated markets, every new proposition and company offering is interesting to us. Are you looking to break into new markets? Do you work in a start-up with something unique to shout about? Give us a call! What do you have to lose?

EmmPower offer complete wholly customised services to each customer including: –

·       Custom telemarketing

·       Data and CRM services

·       Small Business Promotion and Strategy

·       Research and Insight

·       Social Media Management and Strategy

·       Content Creation

·       Campaign and Project Management