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Jane Rayner

Lulu Consulting

Jane Rayner: Lulu Consulting

Hello I’m Jane Rayner from Lulu Consulting. I’m a writer and support businesses with their writing needs. This includes writing inspiring and engaging articles, blogs and regular updates on websites to maximise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings, social media posts, press releases, presentations and communication strategies.

Anything that requires writing and helps to raise your business profile amongst your clients.

I write your story so you can win new customers by telling clients the benefits of the services and products you offer.

As a business we know how difficult it is to do everything. It’s time to delegate.

I’m an expert in working with companies and organisations in the areas that often get put to one side, that fall to the bottom of the to do list.

In my first interaction with a client I establish a thorough understanding of their business, getting under the skin of who their key customers are and what success means to them.

For me it starts with developing a strategy complete with your goals. This enables you to establish what you’re trying to achieve and allows you to measure your progress.

Business Writing Services

I offer a number of different services including:

·       Writing a Communication Strategy

·       Writing for your Business

·       Support with Social Media

Further information on these can be found on the Business Services page on my website.

My background

I set up Lulu Consulting to provide communications support and guidance to businesses after several years working in journalism, PR and event management. With over 25 years experience, I work with clients big and small, from FTSE100 businesses to organisations and individuals.

I offer a series of services and products to help businesses promote their companies in the most appropriate way. I’ve always had a flexible approach, identifying what you the client needs rather than offering a host of services that doesn’t necessarily fit in with your current situation.

At Lulu Consulting you have the choice to work with me on a one-to-one basis or attend one of my workshops. I can help you with social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; blogging, copywriting and writing content for your website; and developing and writing promotional strategies. I can work as an external contractor, an in-house tutor to train staff or a mixture of both, depending on your requirements.

I prefer to support and work with like-minded people. As such the company values cover four pillars:

·       Sustainable – providing everyone with the opportunity to fulfil their potential to create a sustainable future in social, economic and environmental terms

·       Connected – helping people by bringing them together in a collaborative setting

·       Creative – changing peoples’ mind-set to encourage different behaviours

·       Learning – giving people the tools to solve problems to find a better way

How I can help

So if you’re someone who wishes

·       To write articles on your website

·       To post regular updates on social media

·       To understand how to make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn work for you

·       To develop a strategy to win more customers

then email me on or visit my website for further information

If you’re time poor and are looking for guidance in writing copy to promote your brand, get in touch – I’m only a phone call or email away.