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Jo Long


It’s all about the people – Culture that is…..

Having worked in a Sales B2B environment for over 30 years I have seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to great Cultures and engaged teams.  Understanding and aligning one’s vision and purpose for your business is vital to be able to create the right behaviours which ultimately drive a companies sales growth and profit.

Without a doubt, getting the above right allows you to create a strategy which puts the customer at the very heartbeat of your business and enables you to deliver a frictionless Customer Experience to delight your customers with.

Craig’s 20 years experience in retail driven environments enable us to further recognise the behaviours that are required within a retail sector and again create a vision to drive a cohesive culture.

Employee engagement is the lifeblood for any business and we particularly specialise with businesses that have a sales process and are under new leadership.  Whether just acquired through a merger, buyout or a leader that is new to the role and has a desire to change the Culture for the positive to enhance the cohesiveness of the Senior management team.

However, with the suite of tools we have, we are also able to specifically develop plans to improve leadership, communication and build great teams at all levels within your business through profiling.

If you know of new leaders or business owners that would like to discuss their Culture, engagement or their teams communication effectiveness then please get in touch.

We’d be delighted to help at Team Culture Stretch.