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Kate Guest

Kate Guest

Kate is an innovative and intuitive Wellbeing Practitioner who works with clients who want clarity in their personal and professional lives, who want to be free from limiting beliefs that are holding them back, free from the sometimes crippling effects of anxiety, fear and phobias. This may also include holding on to pain physically and emotionally. Through working with Kate clients can reduce stress and tension, set and achieve goals, reduce or eliminate pain, have better relationships, opportunities, outcomes and thus move forward in life.

Do you have a difficult decision to make?
Are you doing the same thing and wanting different results?
Do you want to understand how and why you may be holding yourself back? What’s going to happen in the future if you don’t get this sorted now?

As a Life coach / Master NLP Practitioner / Hypnotherapist / Speaker / Trainer / DISC Personality Profiler /EMDR Practitioner / Reiki Practitioner / Auricular Acupuncturist and Registered General Nurse, Kate works with clients in areas such as:



Exam Stress

Self Esteem

Career Moves

Stress reduction in your life or work

Getting a better work-life balance

Improved relationships

Weight loss

Stop Smoking

Pain relief


Kate also works for the Young Devon Charity as an Empowering Enterprise Youth Leader, coaching, mentoring and empowering young people who are furthest away from the workplace. She is also a Partner member of Momentum South West ( working with companies and individuals for well being in the workplace.

Kate delivers motivational keynote speeches as well as delivering training in areas such as Mental Health Awareness in the workplace, Professional Boundaries and Personality Profiling which can increase performance and help staff understand each other better and thus achieve optimum results.

Anxiety client review –

“One of the best things I’ve done.. I was having a few issues in life that needed ironing out. To be honest I had tried almost everything. And was slightly sceptical about seeing a hypnotherapy coach. It is by far the best decision I have made, I have come out a new woman with a bright future with tools given to me by Kate to continue my growth. I felt so welcome in Kate’s company.

Kate is brilliant at what she does and has time for you which makes the difference. I have already recommended Kate to many people and I hope that we cross paths again.
Thank you for all your support.”

People often become clients of Practitioners such as myself when they tried many other things. Scepticism is something we’re used to. The beauty of that we do is the results the clients get, often in just a few sessions. The difference the work I do makes to peoples lives is the reason I do it.

Goal Setting review –

“Kate has helped me to gain clarity, vision and set a number of new goals in my life using a number of NLP techniques. She is a natural hypnotherapist and knows a ‘bucket-full’ of techniques to get the outcomes you want. I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Goal setting is an amazingly rich and fun part of my work. I assist clients to define what their goals are and to create strategies to achieve them. Coaching in this way is a more ongoing relationship. Unlike the clients who come to resolve issues, those clients wanting to set goals, achieve them and then decide upon the next goal and so on do so over a longer period of time. It helps clients to move forward and set personal and professional goals that give them the life they really want. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems as well as enhancing performance.

Trauma review –

“Thank you so much for helping me move on in my life. Following a traumatic experience which caused me to become “stuck” for two years in a recurring dilemma. I am again living life, enjoying each day interacting with people. Thank you Kate for the invaluable help.”

Repeating patterns of behaviour in a relationship is not only one we see at work, it happens in our personal lives too. ‘Why do I always end up with the same sort of person/relationship/

problem?”is something you’ll often hear. Change your thinking, change your behaviour. It works!