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Lee-Ann Johnstone

Lee-Ann Johnstone

Understanding the principles of online and affiliate marketing is easy but making them work for you and your business authentically – is the clever part.
I’m also a pretty great business mentor – because I’ve been where you are, bootstrapping a new business with nothing but determination, a great idea and the will to achieve it.

When it comes to online marketing I’ve been around the block a few times.

I cut my teeth in traditional marketing before joining the digital movement almost two decades ago back when AskJeeves was the biggest search engine. That probably makes me sound old, but it’s also a testament to the depth of experience I’ve gained across the multiple brands I’ve worked with in my time and that’s what makes me really good at what I do.

Whether you are an early stage startup or an established brand, I can help you overcome your digital overwhelm and get better results. The digital world can be confusing, the entrepreneurial world overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

I know how hard it is when you stand alone, when you start from nothing , and how much energy it takes to run against your competition. Growing an online affiliate program or business takes guts and laser focussed determination to succeed. Few survive the journey and those that do, usually have an experienced mentor standing behind them.

I want to help your business grow – together.

You can talk with me about the following online and business marketing services:

– Content Marketing
– Social Media
– Affiliate Marketing
– How to increase online sales
– Digital Business Coaching