Nicholla Henderson-Hall

Hello… and lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my spot here and letting me share a little bit about me, my mission and how I can help you!

‘The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner’. – Italo Calvino

This quote nicely sums me up!  In short, I grew up in Dubai and have lived in Oman and Abu Dhabi too! (expat & third culture kid/adult) and I’ve followed my husband with his job (Trailing spouse).  Being a foreigner is totally normal.  It’s part of me and now that I’m living in the UK that ‘foreigner feeling’ sits right up front, even though the UK is my birth place and ancestral home! 

I specialise in being a third culture kid/adult, a wife, a mum, an expat & trailing spouse, a wine & gin lover, a podcaster and I help people reduce chemicals in their homes and lives.

My business areas focus on helping people reduce chemicals in their lives and podcasting and this is where I can help you most.

If you are keen to reduce chemicals in your home and not sure how you can go about it, then let me know.  I work with Norwex, a Norwegian brand that offers up an alternative and a way that you can make this happen.  There are more than 80000 chemicals on the market today ( and only approximately 1% f of that have been tested for safety!  How many products do you have in your house that have chemicals that you have no idea how they impact you?  This bothered me so I’ve been making changes to reduce this A LOT because I want to live a long and healthy life and I don’t know what these chemicals are and what they will do!

Podcasting is my vehicle to share the stories of people that I have found on my journey.  My first show called ‘The Learning Curve’ podcast – interviewed women entrepreneurs in the Middle East.  Through the power of this medium we discovered that the Arab and Expat women of the Middle East are powerful, vibrant women who are driven to succeed and be a guiding light for more women of the Middle East.  The media has played a role in suggesting the women of the Middle East are covered, closed and quiet.  My podcast proved this not to the case. These women weren’t worried about red tape and cultural perceptions.  They were worried about the business bottom line, new products, new innovations, being leaders, being examples and empowering more women to take the plunge and be an entrepreneur. I loved this energy and I always loved these conversations.  Now that I’m UK based I do intend to restart my podcast but with a slightly different flavour.  If you would like to learn more about podcasting or have a show that helps market your business then let me know!  I can help you here too!

I’ve been an expat all my life and with that lifestyle comes being curious, the need to connect and discover.  That’s me!!!  I look forward meeting you and hearing your stories of success and direction and what challenges you have faced that have made a difference.  And if you like a glass of wine or a gin then we can bond more over that too! 😊

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