Nina Farr

Nina Farr – Leadership Coach & Mentor | TEDx Speaker | Author

I am an experienced Leadership Coach and mentor, motivational speaker and author. I champion women who are parenting through change; overcoming trauma, loss, domestic abuse or conflict as they step into parenting alone. 

I believe that parenting is one of the most powerful and significant leadership roles in the world, and the family is an arena where women often excel when they are asked to lead. My clients discover their powerful abilities for leadership, advocacy, resilience, vision and action through navigating their way through the 'in the trenches' transitions of conflict or trauma driven changes at home.  

I support mothers around the world, often parenting and working in extremely challenging personal and professional circumstances. Using my flagship leadership programme to help them re-vision for life as a solo parent, helping them get back in the driving seat of their family journey. I guide them to re-vision for their future; personally, professionally, financially and emotionally.

I am the creator of the acclaimed 'Family Vision' programme and author of 'I am the Parent Who Stayed'. You will find my book on Amazon with excellent reviews, left by clients and colleagues who view it as the essential manual for women who are parenting after traumatic experiences and family breakdown. 

I offer expert and personal understanding of the emotional and practical challenges that women face as they move through a major change at home. My gentle handling of the complexities of family breakdown have given me a strng reputation as the go-to guide for women taking on all kinds of relationship changes at home - including mothers in same sex families, those facing high conflict separations and women who have experienced domestic abuse. 

It is my privilege and my vocation to help wome to rebuild their lives, stronger, calmer and more grounded than ever before. To nurture their capacity for self-advocacy and help them to gift their children with homes that are not only free from abuse and adversity, but also filled with joy, resilience, connection and fun. 

If I can help you or another Mother you know, please reach out to me today to talk via 

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