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Paola Royal

Healthy Living With Paola Royal

Paola Royal, Nutritional Therapist/ Mindset Mentor
I am holding your hand on your way to better health and peace of mind!
With over 30 years of medical and psychological experience, I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and expertise to help my clients to live the healthier lifestyle they want with proven lasting results.
Understanding yourself psychologically will effortlessly change your attitude to eating with permanent results
Working in a unique way by looking at body & mind as one, I not only focus on diet and nutritional intake alone but I help my clients to also unfold their ‘personal and limiting beliefs’ which will leave them to rebuild a completely different relationship to food and eating with lasting results.
I love seeing the benefits experienced by my clients and the results they achieve through working with me.These results can be improving their Health/Well-being, losing weight, or help to reverse the effect of diabetes, coronary heart disease, IBS, PCOS and other health issues.

Understanding of how we psychologically work leaves us to feel less bound by our past or future events able to be more present. Understanding this insightful will leave you to feel less anxious, worried depressed or stressed able to take life with more ease.