Sarah Attwood

I’m a Systematic Kinesiologist, registered as a Professional Member of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK).

I’m incredibly passionate about kinesiology and have been receiving treatments for over 8 years now since finding it dramatically reduced the symptoms of my M.E./CFS.

I stumbled across it when I developed M.E. after a bout of glandular fever and was very ill for a number of years, unable to walk and using a wheelchair to get around. My Mum was having to wash me, feed me and assist with all manner of things that you would expect a woman in her 20s to be able to do by herself.  I tried so many treatments both traditional (CBT/GET) and complementary but for me, kinesiology was the key for me unlocking my body and starting to heal. It also astounded me how much progress I made after just one treatment.

On recovery, I proceeded to ignore the wonderful benefits and fledgling knowledge that kinesiology had brought me and in a desperate bid to make up for the lost years, moved to London to plunge myself into the stressful world of advertising for the next few years. This created yo-yo effects on my health and energy levels and after realising I could not continue living in this burn-out,  I decided I had to learn more and wanted to help others so qualified as a Systematic Kinesiologist (foundation levels 1-6) in 2014. I’ve since made the bold move to leave the corporate world behind, train for my professional Diploma qualification with the School of Advanced Kinesiology and build a treatment clinic in Sherborne, Dorset. Recently I furthered my studies with a Certificate in Naturopathic Nutrition and Health and am delighted to offer individual nutrition and meal planning sessions either face to face or via phone/Skype so I can now work nationally.

I am truly excited (and possibly rather geeky!) about the incredible effects kinesiology can bring. I have learnt so much about my own body and how to strive for optimal health, learning to try to manage the work/life balance,  to avoid food sensitivities which trigger my IBS (gluten and cow’s milk for me) and to really listen to what my body tells me – including allowing myself time to relax.

Kinesiology has helped me with a wide range of issues over the years:  backache, headaches, mouth ulcers, recurrent sore throats, dealing with grief after losing my father, coping with relationship stress, IBS symptoms and for a long time a period of just not feeling well, as if my battery wasn’t recharging fully.

It is with much delight and excitement that I pour all my positive energy into treating others and helping them deal with their symptoms so they too can feel the benefits.

I operate from a home-based clinic in Sherborne, Dorset, ideally placed for those in the South West. I am also the Wellbeing Coach for StudioBelle in Warminster.