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Sarah Attwood

Thrive Health & Wellness

I’m a Systematic Kinesiologist, Nutritional Therapist and Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic consultant. I set up Thrive to help people thrive and feel alive, not just feel OK or fine.

As someone who suffered with M.E./CFS and IBS for years I know what it’s like to be below par. I love helping you understand the link between your mind and body, to get to the bottom of your health issues and support you on an individual basis.

I offer 121s, workshops and also run an online Facebook community called The Thrive Tribe, an exclusive group of health and wellbeing tips and special offers.

Get in touch to chat about how I can help you get back on track.

Wondering why kinesiology and what on earth is it??

I’m incredibly passionate about kinesiology and have been receiving treatments for over 8 years now since finding it dramatically reduced the symptoms of my M.E./CFS. I stumbled across it when I developed M.E. after a bout of glandular fever and was very ill for a number of years, unable to walk and using a wheelchair to get around. My Mum was having to wash me, feed me and assist with all manner of things that you would expect a woman in her 20s to be able to do by herself.  I tried so many treatments both traditional (CBT/GET) and complementary but for me, kinesiology was the key for me unlocking my body and starting to heal. It also astounded me how much progress I made after just one treatment.

On recovery, I proceeded to ignore the wonderful benefits and fledgling knowledge that kinesiology had brought me and in a desperate bid to make up for the lost years, moved to London to plunge myself into the stressful world of advertising for the next few years. This created yo-yo effects on my health and energy levels and after realising I could not continue living in this burn-out, I decided I had to learn more and wanted to help others so qualified as a Systematic Kinesiologist (foundation levels 1-6) in 2014. I’ve since made the bold move to leave the corporate world behind, train for my professional Diploma qualification with the School of Advanced Kinesiology and build a treatment clinic in Sherborne, Dorset. Recently I furthered my studies with a Certificate in Naturopathic Nutrition and Health and am delighted to offer individual nutrition and meal planning sessions either face to face or via phone/Skype so I can now work nationally.

I am truly excited (and possibly rather geeky!) about the incredible effects kinesiology can bring. I have learnt so much about my own body and how to strive for optimal health, learning to try to manage the work/life balance, to avoid food sensitivities which trigger my IBS and to really listen to what my body tells me – including allowing myself time to relax.

Kinesiology has helped me with a wide range of issues over the years:  backache, headaches, mouth ulcers, recurrent sore throats, dealing with grief after losing my father, coping with relationship stress, IBS symptoms and for a long time a period of just not feeling well, as if my battery wasn’t recharging fully.

I operate from a home-based clinic in Sherborne, Dorset, ideally placed for those in the South West.