Tara Maxamed

Tara is a Personal Development and Success Coach. She primarily help Mums navigate through their transition into the next stage of their life, business or career.

Her sessions involve a mixture of visionary planning, action taking and supporting her clients to let go of the old patterns which are holding them back, therefore creating a new version of themselves, more aligned with who they want to be.

She thrives on supporting passionate people to lead powerful and intentional lives by supporting them to create the life that they truly desire. She coaches people who have a strong desire to grow, develop and be the leader in ALL areas of their lives.

She has worked as a coach in various professional and non-professional arenas, supporting all clients to achieve success (whatever that means to them). Her clients have varied from architects, designers, area store managers, small business owners, stay-at-home mums and everything in between.

She runs a facebook page called ‘The Flourishing Mum’ where she runs weekly challenges. Please join the group using this link:


Tara would love to offer all SWIB members a complimentary 1-2 hour online session to see if you can also create the life you truly desire!

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