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Wanda Nowak


“Change your energy, change your life…!”

You KNOW you need to meditate, right? So why don’t you? If you have tried it before, feel you should make better use of your time, or something is missing, just like Wanda did in the past, then there is good news for you!

Wanda is a trained Transcendental Meditation practitioner (Maharishi Mahesh school of TM) as well as a trained Metaphysical mentor (Metavarsity South Africa). She has however ‘Wandanized’ meditation 😉

Being an Energy-engineer, she uses personalised (and we really mean personalised) guided meditation as a stepping stone to lead individuals into the world of mindfulness, energy-management and becoming co-creators of their lives, to name but a few of the remarkable results.

Her journey has however not started there. She was a hairstylist, salon manager and in-salon trainer before she emigrated. That was not sufficient to satisfy her and Wanda became Carlton Hair International’s Head Teacher, country trainer, registered assessor and moderator. It is her deep passion to pass on knowledge in order for her students to surpass her own success. Nothing has changed there for her!

As life matures one, Wanda realised she was limited in serving her clients and students by attending only on the outside of their heads, and she took up studying Metaphysics towards the end of her cosmetology career.

This opened doorways that led to her presenting corporate workshops for companies like Procter and Gamble, Koi Tai, Fitness First and Ego-stream right here on UK soil. This unfortunately did not provide the deep connection Wanda enjoys from serving her ideal client, since transformation and the art of learning to meditate requires more time than a one or two-day workshop.

In a nutshell: She has a video call with you where she explains her methodology and get to know you better. Some things are said when they are NOT said. This one conversation will already leave you with new insights. Within five to seven working days you will receive a high quality personalised guided meditation addressing the pain points, dreams, limited beliefs and much more (depending on the consolation call’s outcomes and priority list. Wanda keeps you accountable in a supportive and educational manner. Your development gets monitored at a pace and depth of your choice. It is ideally a 3-month journey during which you are entitled to one more personalised guided meditation.

Embark on a hands-on, fully supported and accountability journey with her to make meditation the best habit in your life to date!

Tel 0777 090 3411


Skype. Ceo-nowak