Emma Conway-Hyde: 7 tips for repurposing your blog content

Marketing your business takes time and constantly coming up with new content can be a challenge.  So why not use the same content several times?  You can still provide your audience with useful information, just in many different ways.  Check out the top tips below and get some ideas.

First things first:

  1. Write a blog. It is well known that blog writing is a good way for businesses to promote themselves and their knowledge.  It is good for providing your clients with top tips, showing off your skill set and not to mention your SEO.

  2. You can post your blog to your website, your company LinkedIn page (great for SEO!), you can use excerpts over several weeks on your social media pages which will draw people back to your website.

    Post on Facebook groups you are a member of especially when think it might provide individuals with useful information.  All this showcases your expertise and will help promote you and your business.

  1. Create videos using your blogs. There is a brilliant tool called Lumen 5 that takes your blog content and creates a video for you!!  Video is brilliant for engaging with others on social media and is an alternative to pictures and text.

    There are other tools for creating video content, these include Adobe Spark and Animoto.  All these platforms are free for the basic package.  It is a really cool way of re-purposing your blog content.  And is fun to create!

  1. Create a series of memes or short videos of you covering the top tips that you have included in your blog. This will provide you with weeks of content for your social media marketing and it is reusable again and again.

  2. Create an info-graphic or flyer. These are an imaginative way of getting your message across and you can publish these on your website and use them throughout your social media profiles.

  3. Use Missinglettr. This app is brilliant for creating snippets from your blogs and creating content which you can schedule months in advance!!

  4. Don’t forget your old blogs. A little bit of refreshing and these can all be used again.  It may be that they need tweaking to attract a specific audience or there is content there already that you can re-purpose using the tips above.  If you have been writing blogs for a while, there is oodles of information already at your disposal.

So, although you need to keep your marketing fresh and be clear on who you are talking to, creating content does not have to be onerous.  Use what you have already and when you are creating new content think about what you could do with it to make it go far.

If you would like to chat about how you could re-purpose your content, get in touch and email me at emma@theumbrellatree.co.uk or call 07977 640119.

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