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Shaping The Future – Are you Mind-Body Ready?

Guest Blog by Ann McCluskey

Pressure on businesses and people since March 2020 has meant that you and your business model will have been ‘stress-tested’ more than at any time before. Whether you experienced COVID-19 as a crisis or an opportunity, it has created a space to reflect upon how you will shape your future. As there are bound to be further developments, having this foresight will ensure that you are not on the back foot and caught up in an emerging drama.

Expect the unexpected…..

Who would have believed that the world would come to a complete standstill? Life can be stranger than fiction. With the benefit of hindsight, and as you continue to transition out of lockdown, now is the time to take stock and prepare yourself for what lies ahead – whatever that looks like.


Do you react, or do you respond to what shows up in life? If you usually react to circumstances and to others, it can take its toll mentally, physically, and emotionally – it can be easy to feel out of control. If you usually respond to what’s going on around you, it gives you space to think or act in a more measured way and maintain your self-control.

How you deal with everyday life – by reacting or responding – is the difference between life driving you, or you driving life. The great news is that that the choice is yours to make.

The change imposed by the pandemic could have significantly affected your health, work, finances, and social life to the extent that it was essential to adapt to a radically different way of living and working. With some exceptions, most people were surprised at how quickly they were able to create new daily routines, practices, and frameworks. It’s likely that this way of working in the ‘low touch economy’ is here to stay and the more you can strengthen your resilience and keep your energy topped up the better, so that you’re prepared for any tough times ahead. Setting clear personal boundaries between work and home when they’ve become blurred, for example, is important to create the physical and mental space that’s needed for you to dedicate time for work and non-work.

Letting go of anything outside of your control is hugely liberating and enables you to have the clarity to focus on what’s important to you. This includes old patterns of thinking and doing that keep you locked into the past and limit future possibilities. Keeping life as simple as possible removes any ‘noise’ and interference that could compromise your quality of life.

This short article offers a few ideas for you to consider if you want to ensure that you’re future-fit so that you and your business will continue to thrive – no matter what.

Ann McCluskey is a Devon-based Coach-Practitioner, Mentor, and Trainer who works with SMEs, teams, and individuals and speaks regularly at events and conferences.

E  : : 07726 183214