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Social Media Privacy

I am often asked why we don’t have a closed Facebook group for our #swibtribe community anymore. There are lots of reasons, but mainly because I do not like to be beholden to social media algorithms and want a space where members can interact and see everything they want to at the click of a button.

The SWIB community on the Ugenie app offers just that and as it develops along with its communities, more and more features are making the community experience so much easier.

This Forbes article echoes much of this concern as more and more of us are turning ON our privacy settings.

SWIB members have access to our app to post offers and interact within groups, but guests are very welcome to come and join us for 3 months.

You can download the Ugenie application in the Apple Store and Google Play.
Once downloaded just register to create your profile, then select SWIB TRIBE from the community list.

Choose your member type and topics you are interested in, to receive your notifications. Join the groups relevant to you, opt -in to the Member Directory and post away!

We look forward to hearing from you.