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How to write a blog your readers will love

by Julia Ngapo

So, you’ve decided to write a blog – Hurrah! There are so many benefits to blogging. They are a great way to connect with your target audience, demonstrate your expertise, drive traffic to your website and will give you lots of content for social media (Double hurrah!).  But, when faced with the prospect of writing a blog post, do you find your mind goes as blank as the screen in front of you?  Here are my thoughts on how to write a blog.  Here goes…

1. Know your audience

When you really know who you want to attract, when you understand your target market, then you will know the subject areas that are bound to interest them. When considering writing a blog, it can be useful to brainstorm a list of possible subject areas – not all will make the cut, but you’ll be surprised how the ideas come, once you get the creative juices flowing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you’ve exhausted your own ideas or are looking for external inspiration, then you can find inspiration online. Quora is an online FAQ site.  Type in your subject area and discover what questions people are actually wanting answered.  Another useful tool is Impact Inbounds blog title generator which will generate a number of “fill in the blank” titles to jump-start your creativity.

2. Research popularity

 Once you have decided upon a title, I recommend checking the popularity of that term with a Google add-on, called Keywords Everywhere. This allows you to see the volume of searches carried out per month for your particular search term.  There is no point writing a blog on a subject which no one is searching for – you want your blog to be seen!  If your title is not popular, consider rewording it or using one of the alternatives that Keywords Everywhere will suggest. 

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Julia has almost 30 years of marketing experience and, together with her small team, is passionate about providing social media managementsocial media training and marketing support to small businesses.

Juiia Ngapo