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Taunton March Breakfast

This month Laura Ridout will be heading our development session, with “Avoiding the U Curve”

Life is such that we start out happy and then around middle age e.g. 40+, we become less happy or even miserable.  As we head towards 70 we become happy again.  I have to admit, I spent a bit of time in the U bend and fortunately I had the catalyst of redundancy to change this.  I didn’t think I was fortunate straight away.  I was 56 and although that may sound old to some, I didn’t feel it.  For me, this was my time to do something different. But where to start?  Whether you’re sliding down towards the bottom of the curve, wallowing in the bottom or if you’re on your way out of it, this talk might pose a few questions for you to consider your own situation and if you want to change it.

Our regular monthly meetings offer you the opportunity for personal growth through structured development sessions as well as being able to network with other businesswomen to build successful personal and business relationships.

Visit any of our meetings as a guest and experience the supportive and business focussed environment. Attending any sort of event can be daunting, but we guarantee you a warm welcome as well as an opportunity to increase your business skills and develop your personal qualities.

All this for just £23 as a non-member, including any training materials and of course the healthy Mount Somerset breakfast!