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How to Maintain Productivity When Working From Home

Guest Blog from CultureStretch

No matter what your role – employee, leader, business owner – the challenge of working from home is to stay just as productive, focused and energised as you are in the office – sometimes with dogs barking, children playing in the background (especially since schools are closing), and untimely deliveries knocking at your door. Distractions aside, most of us also adopt a different mindset at home. We’re more relaxed, more family-oriented, more tempted by Netflix.

How do you continue ‘business as usual’ with the same standards and expectations (of yourself and others) when the environment around you typically puts you in a different mindset? Challenging enough in a ‘typical’ business day – but in a world seemingly gripped with ‘coronavirus chaos’ – how do you keep your mind sharp, productive and focused – when so many around us aren’t?

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