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Marketing on a budget – 7 top tactics for marketing on a shoestring

Marketing can be an overwhelming prospect when you start a new business.  After all, the term “marketing” covers so many different areas, but when faced with marketing on a budget, how can you make your efforts count?

Here are our 7 ideas for marketing on a budget:

1. Create a plan

It’s very easy to think you have everything mapped out in your head and that you know what you’re going to be doing, when and how. But, when it comes down to putting plans into action, you can get caught out by unexpected costs.  By creating a plan of the activities you intend to do throughout the year, as well as the expected costs and any resources you will need in order to achieve success, you’ll not only be confident that you’re working within budget, but you’ll also have a clear idea of when and how to promote your activities.

2. Create a Google My Business account

If you want to show up in a local search, then set yourself up with a Google My Business. This will ensure your business is visible on search but on Google Maps also.

3. Write a blog

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