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Gwen Cavill

GEC Consulting

Gwen’s background is in leadership development and executive coaching and she is a member of a number of coaching and mentoring teams. Using highly developed facilitation skills and methods, she works at an individual level as a coach of leaders, enabling them to reflect on and improve on their own and others performance, as well as with teams and organisational groups. Her work focuses on leadership development and performance, coaching and mentoring, training trainers in the development of high quality facilitation skills as well as strategic leadership. Gwen believes that everyone has the potential to achieve success in personal growth and offers development to her clients which re-energises them both personally and professionally.

Her focus is ‘Think Believe Achieve’ which underpins all her development work.

Her main areas of work for GEC Consulting Ltd are:

Coaching for Success, Leadership Development for all, Well Being programmes for all.