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Laura Ridout

The Third Space

I help people realise their talent and abilities, focus in on what they want to achieve and then work with them to produce a coherent and practical way forward.

There are three arms to my business:

Rediscover You’ One to one coaching

‘Dream Teams’ Coaching teams and team leaders to become high performing and productive

Just Women’ workshops

WyzeWomen Futures’ for women aged 40+ and looking for a change in direction. This half day workshop is designed to inspire women, give time for them to explore what they want for their future and to develop the actions they will need to make it happen.

Shine Your Brilliance’ for all women looking for their inner courage. I find that many of the women I work with are great at what they do and have many attributes.  But there’s something holding them back……lack of confidence and self-belief.  Following this half day workshop You will know your self-worth, You will feel empowered to say ‘I can achieve what I want’, You will be confident to charge for what you’re worth – no apologies, You will be able to tell people that you are good at what you do with integrity, You will inspire confidence in others.