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The Social Giraffe

The Social Giraffe

The Social Giraffe – The Digital Marketing Agency to help your business stand tall

The Social Giraffe is a Digital Marketing Agency run by Katie Cooper and Linda Meek.

The Giraffes are based in Somerset and have clients across the UK. However, Katie and Linda love nothing more than getting to know their clients personally and making a connection with the business they run. 

So, what makes The Social Giraffe different?

Both Katie and Linda have undertaken extensive training in social media and strategy not only learning the ins and outs of the platforms we know and love but also learning how to build them, grow them and run them by using a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY.

That’s where the magic happens!  It’s all about building a strategy to get to the core of why you are posting and what you actually want your Social Media to achieve for you. For lots of businesses they believe just ‘being out there’ on Social Media will be enough to see a return on their investment. However, a lot of the time, posts are put out inconsistently, on the wrong platforms, at the wrong times with content that doesn’t resonate with their ideal audience. So much time is wasted which could be better spent on running your business. A comprehensive Social Media Strategy gives you a blue-print to guide you though this making your efforts more time efficient and effective.

Of course, there are times when social media needs a push, and organic growth just doesn’t cut the mustard. Katie is specialised in Social Media Advertising across all the leading platforms through her extensive training with Emma Van Heusen and can advise on how to make your money work in advertising. When done incorrectly, it’s easy to see hundreds of pounds go to waste on a non-performing ad and she is able to give you clarity on how to better use your budget.

Katie and Linda recognise that not all businesses are ‘content-rich’ and it can be a struggle to appeal to audiences on social media.  They have a talent for making interesting, thought-provoking and amusing content around the toughest of industries. Linda is a blogger and copywriter who has a flair for writing engaging content and finding curated content that will resonate with your audience.

The Social Giraffe offers a number of services to suit both client’s needs and budget. Their business services fall into four key areas: Management | Strategy | Advertising | Content. The Giraffes love collaborative working and are able, through their valued network, to offer clients a full Digital Marketing solution.

If you would like to explore further, visit their website … www.thesocialgiraffe.co.uk