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Donna Anne Pace

One Voice My Choice


Hello everyone,

I am a successful Author, Motivational Coach & Speaker, and a member of the Global Sisterhood in the USA.  After publishing my first book, ‘The Reinvention of Me’, in 2018, I was thrilled at the wealth of supportive comments and 5* reviews I started to receive from customers from across the world.  My first book chronicled the myriad of life experiences that I have either witnessed or endured since childhood.  I wanted to share my unique story in the hope that, not only could I try to heal myself from my own emotional wounds, but also help others to heal their wounds too. I knew that the core life issues documented in my book would resonate with someone, somewhere – a stranger that I have never met.  I feel proud of myself knowing that I have achieved one of my life goals, and in the process, helping others to find the courage, motivation, and inspiration they need to change their lives too!

I am currently working on my next book project of which is being endorsed by a well-known, high-profile female Member of the European Parliament.  My passion is to help other women in the UK and across the world to find their voice and finally break their silence on surviving domestic abuse.  In May this year I have been offered an amazing opportunity to be a Guest Speaker on behalf of a leading Domestic Violence Charity in the South West of England.  Only a few years ago I was reliant on this service in order to find the inner-strength and courage I needed to walk away from my marriage.  Here I am now, in 2019, stronger, braver, and more determined in my quest to help women across the world find their voice!  We shall not remain silent anymore! We shall not suffer in silence! We shall rid ourselves from the shackles of hurt, anger, guilt and this victim-blaming culture, for we are Global Warriors.

I have years of experience in public speaking and being involved within the Press & Media.  Let me help motivate and inspire you to become the person that YOU want to be! Looking to boost your self-confidence or self-esteem? Help with relationships? Career change? Coping with bereavement?   My goal is to help you reinvent your life and let go of actions and behaviours that have undermined and inhibited you from being the person that you want to be.

I love my job! Being my own boss allows me the opportunity to fulfil my family commitments of which is very important to me. But not only that, I enjoy seeing the transformation in my client’s own personal lives and seeing the positive changes they make, and finally realise their potential.  Since the publication of my first book, the doors of opportunity opened up to me in the United States and I was invited to attend a Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala, blessed with inspirational women and Hollywood celebrities. This event has connected me to many influential women in the US. In March this year, my story is going to be featured in a well-known Lifestyle magazine in the United States. This is testament to how passionate I am about helping women around the world, and also how determined I am to make my small business work in order to create a better life for my children.

Connect with me via the links below for a FREE 30 minute Introductory Mentoring Session. We all get 24 hours in one day – how are you going to spend yours?

Mobile:  07584 990986